Voice Over Actor


It started one day in a NYC recording studio when I was a teenager. I was
singing a jingle for Minute Maid Orange Juice & the producer asked me to
read the announcer copy & voila – my voice acting career was born! I’d
been studying acting since I was 8 years old & was performing in the
theatre, so it was a logical step into this wonderful audio world. Since then,
I’ve voiced every kind of script imaginable in every genre. Teeny boppers.
Soccer moms. Corporate executives. Healthcare professionals. Crotchety
grandmas. Evil aliens. Quirky queens. Playful children. Wild bikers. And
even friendly fungus! Contact me any time if you need a voice over.
MICS - Shure SM7B - Shure SM58 -  Yeti Blue
DAWS – Audacity, Sound Forge, Twisted Wave, Reaper
PLUG-INS – Source-Connect Standard, ACX Check, IZotope RX7 Adv.




Diamonds - Mid Atlantic Dialect

My Newest Video Game - Lost Grimoires 2: Shard Of Mystery