Don’t Say You Don’t Remember – CD

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Don't Say You Don't Remember - Beverly Bremers


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    Bill The Red Baron


This is a five star AWESOME CD. Beverly made herself forever famous with "Don't Say you don't remember" but she sure backs it up well with all these great songs, this CD is a must have !


a very pleasant surprise

I always liked Beverly Bremers and I like her even more now. She's an exceptional singer and really know haow to put over a tune. I love this album.

    donnie Key


I have liked everything you have ever done

    Kathy, The Uptown Girl

many memorable connotations associated with Don't Say You Don't Remember

I was introduced to this CD by Bill, The Red Baron, of The CD is "fantabulous"..Beverly Bremers breathes life into each and every song but my absolute favorite is Don't Say You Don't Remember. It brings back a blast from the past and has many memorable connotations associated with it. This CD should be a part of every one's collection! Ms. Bremers is so deserving of all the accolades she has received and should receive with this CD. Keep bringing us more music!